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At Nitro Church of the Nazarene, we belive that spreading love through our ministries is the most effective way to make Christlike disciples. With that in mind, you'll find it simple get involved with one of our incredible ministries that work together to fulfill the Great Commission. Whether you're young or old, man or woman, shy or outgoing, you'll find it easy to fit in with the wonderful people of this church. Follow the links below to find the ministry for you and get involved today!

For more information on the services provided at Nitro Church of the Nazarene, click the button below!

Sunday School

There are a multitude of classes available for everyone, young and old, each led by amazing teachers. Along with classes for children and teens, you'll find multiple adult classes built for your age group! Click the button below for the full list of Sunday School classes available!

Children's Ministries

There is no shortage of ministries for kids at Nitro Church of the Nazarene. Our kids enjoy learning how to follow Jesus in a variety of fun and creative ways . Click below to learn more about our Children's Ministries.

Ladie's/Men's Ministries

Everyone is welcome at Nitro Church of the Nazarene! Our men and women stay involved through the Men's Ministry and Ladies Ministry. Click below to learn more about activities these ministries partake in, and whom to contact about getting involved.

NYI: Teen Ministry

During a troubling time in a troubled world, our teens learn how to stay focused on Christ and let their light shine. Led by Steve Weeks, our teens stay involved with local and global missional projects, and have a lot of fun along the way! Click below to learn more!

NMI: Missions/
Community Outreach

Carrying on Jesus' mission goes beyond the church doors. We are proud to support various local and global mission organizations, as well as missionaries abroad. Click below to learn more.

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