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Children's ministries

Our Nazarene kids have a great time learning about Jesus! Below are a few examples of some of the fun things they partake in throughout the year. For more information, see our quizzing director Judy Vance, Caravan director Debbie Walker, or VBS director Cassie Moore. 

During church services, our kids are taken downstairs for Children's Church. Set up and run just like an adult service, Children's Church includes offerings, a message, and an altar call - preparing our kids to be part of the adult services in the future!


Judy Vance leads our Children's Quiz Team. The kids study and are quizzed on their knowledge of the Bible, and compete against other churches in the district and around the region.

The kids have the opportunity to participate in Junior Blast. Similar to the teens, the kids share their talents for the glory of God and compete against other kids from around the region!


Caravan is a ministry set up for kids to earn badges for life skills and Christian knowledge - focused on spiritual, social, mental and physical growth. Classes are separated by age groups, and meet on Wednesday nights!

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